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about me 

“I just wanna do what I need to do and what I need to do is express my dreams.”


My passion for colour started when I was really young.

In kindergarten I chose my colours instinctively, the 'correct' colour didn't exist. I was convinced that my choice was perfect! This stuck with me and is now one of the main ideas behind my design mentality. When I grew up I was confronted with the rationality of this world. The friction this created made for a mental balance between following the rules and letting emotion and fantasy lead the way.

Hobbies... well, they used to be quite chaotic. It was hard to focus on one. Which meant it was a hell to choose when it came to selecting a study. I started with criminology, then tried psychology and eventually ended up with interior design. All three tought me important design lessons. Criminology was about black and white but knowing most was grey. It was more or less straightforward. Psychology was about deviance. The stranger things a mind could do. Interior design reawakened my love for colour and shapes. I'm pretty much self-taught.


I'm a creative centipede! The only time I enjoy true peace is when I'm observing and creating. As long as something isn't finished it will keep me up at night.


My artwork gets described as progressive, out of the box/canvas, special, unique, colourful, geometric and noticeable. I like to think of my style as 'abstract fauvisme.


“An artwork is a collection of colours and lines but underneath there's an idea, safely protected against the untrained eye and the closed mind.



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